We are currently working on an intuitive built-in editor to string your scenes together inside ScreenSpace. In the meantime, feel free to follow this guide to help you get to your completed video without any video editing experience.

Planning Your Video

If you are looking to create a multi-shot video cut to music and/or voiceover, I recommend reading this article first to help guide you through the process of planning your video for multiple shots.

If you have already gone through this process or you are simply looking to string out some shots back-to-back, continue on!

Deciding on an Editor

You do not need a professional editor to create a polished multi-shot promo, nor do you need experience with one. If you have never used an editor before, I recommend Canva's brand new Video Suite (free!). If you're looking to simply string out a few scenes together without audio, Quicktime is by far the easiest.

Downloading Your Shots

First, click to view your finished video either in the "Renders" pop-up in the bottom right corner of the Scene Editor or in the "Render Browser" tab of the Scene Browser. From here, you will see a download icon in the upper right corner.

If you plan to use a professional editing app like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or Final Cut Pro, we recommend downloading your renders as ProRes 444 for the highest quality possible.

If you intend to use a web-based editor (Canva, InVideo, Animoto, WeVideo), or consumer level desktop app (iMovie, ScreenFlow), we recommend downloading your videos as MP4 for the most streamlined process.

Once the video files are in your download folder, move them over to your project folder and open up your editor!

Simple String-Out in Quicktime

If you are looking to string out your shots together without additional music or voiceover, use Quicktime.

"What? You can edit video with Quicktime?!?!?"

Read on...

Simply open the first shot of your video and select "Add Clip to End..." under the "Edit" dropdown. Navigate to and select your second shot. Boom! You have just created your first multi-shot video. Continue this process until all of your scenes are strung out back-to-back. When you're done, simply save the video and you're ready to go!

Using Canva or iMovie

Canva Video Suite is a great simple online editor with a 30 day free trial (and then only $12.99/mo) if you are looking to add titles, music, and voiceover. It also includes stock footage, music, and templates as well as a built-in screen and voiceover recorder.

Canva has a simple drag and drop interface and does not require any video experience whatsoever.

Simply upload your ScreenSpace videos (MP4 only) and drag to re-order the shots, add text, logo, CTA and music and that's it!

Still Need Help?

If you prefer to have a creative team help with the process, we offer award-winning creative services. Our team can build your video for you and we even provide you with all of the ScreenSpace projects and scenes that are used to create your video. We even throw in a free month of ScreenSpace Studio!

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