Since day one, we are always strategizing on how to funnel our 30+ years of professional motion design and visual effects experience into the ScreenSpace platform.

We started by creating a product that strips away all of the complexities of 3D animation so creative teams can effortlessly create stunning 3D device animations from a blank canvas.

We found many of our customers fell in love with the power and simplicity of the platform, however struggled with creative. They didn’t know where to start when confronted with full creative freedom.

After analyzing the creative process while working with high-profile clients, we realized that although our clients provide high-level direction (branding, content, style), they lean heavily on us to design the overall aesthetic and direct the video.

So we introduced smart-templates: pre-built promo videos that we designed from working with actual real-world clients. We infused our creative input into the smart templates and left the high-level direction (style, color, product, branding, content) to the customer.

But when it comes down to it, creating high caliber branded video content is a creative process and not everything can (or should) be automated.

So with that, we are excited to introduce: ScreenSpace Creative – our full-service award-winning creative team.

By leveraging the power of the ScreenSpace platform, we don’t just deliver one-off videos, we handcraft scalable templates enabling you and your team to continuously create variations, edits, and additional content in minutes with the ScreenSpace platform.

Everything we create is built with the intention to scale. We don’t cut corners to produce content that works for just one project. Every step is taken so we can re-purpose, revise, and expand your creative instantly and efficiently.

Whether you need help with an upcoming launch campaign or require ongoing dedicated video resources to compliment your in-house team, we’re ready to chat!

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