When you hit the "render" button your video is queued for rendering and then processed remotely on our cloud GPU render farm.

A video will typically take one minute to render for every second of screen time. This means a 15 second video will typically take about 15 minutes to process if there are no other renders ahead of yours in the queue.

Although the ScreenSpace Engine leverages industry-leading GPU render servers, processing broadcast-quality 3D animations can, on occasion, push the machines to their limit causing a render backup.

If your video has taken over one hour to render, please contact our support team via the Intercom messenger in the corner of the app and we will reset your render.

If you continue to experience render issues, there may be a a problem with one of your screen assets. If this is the case, please contact us via the Intercom in-app messenger ASAP so we can diagnose the error and repair the asset.

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