ScreenSpace empowers you to create completely custom, broadcast quality 3D device animations with little effort.

Whether you are creating a quick 10 second animated mockup for social media, a 30 second promo for an investor pitch, or a 90 second product demo video for your Help Center, ScreenSpace provides you with the tools to create tangible Apple-quality product videos with very little experience required.

ScreenSpace is built around the concept of “scenes.”

Think of them like scenes in a movie. You want to show off a very specific feature of your app or project, so you upload a screenshot or video capture of that feature in action.

ScreenSpace simply:

  1. Places your screen capture inside a device of your choosing

  2. Allows you to easily customize the environment around the device (solid color, backdrop, or choose transparent to composite later in After Effects)

  3. And gives you the ability to fluidly pan, rotate, and zoom in on the aspects of your screen capture that you want to highlight.

Then hit “Render” and within minutes you have a studio-quality video of your app exactly how you need it.

If you have a single new app feature you want to highlight for a launch or support video, you probably only need one 5 second scene. Whereas if you’re creating a promo video that shows off multiple features, you might want to splice together three to six scenes that are anywhere from 5 to 25 seconds. Need a full walkthrough video? Create one long 90 second animation that dynamic takes the audience on a journey through your app.

And that’s it.

That’s the entire ScreenSpace platform in a nutshell.

You create scenes that highlight the most important features of your app or project — and our platform does the rest.

In fact, you don’t need any special video skills to work it. We’ve abstracted away the entire technical process so that whatever you create on our platform comes out looking like a custom job from a high-end graphics studio.

If you are brand new to video and keyframing, we recommend browsing our other help documents for a more in-depth walkthrough of our features.

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