ScreenSpace is a platform designed to help enable product success through effective, high-caliber product videos. You can use it to effortlessly create bespoke Apple-style product videos for your pitch, launch, marketing & onboarding – all within 45 minutes.

How can I get value from ScreenSpace?

Anyone involved in product growth and success, whether it be a founder, content marketer, or designer, can use ScreenSpace to build better marketing, user onboarding, improve feature adoption, and more. It is designed to help non-technical and creative team members quickly build and deploy agency-grade scalable product videos through a simple interface – avoiding the cost, complexity, and time associated with outsourced agencies.

ScreenSpace makes high-caliber video creation so accessible, simple, and affordable, that you can now effortlessly leverage that power through-out all stages of your business. Here are a few use-cases that are now within your reach:

  • Launch videos for your product or feature release

  • Scroll-stopping social media video ads

  • Promo videos for your landing page

  • Modular on-brand walkthrough videos to compliment your training documentation

  • Pitch videos for fundraising efforts

  • Design presentations for stakeholders and investors

  • Animated GIFs to upgrade your drip campaign

  • And more...

Check out some examples in our gallery.

Why is video so important?

Video drives results – this idea isn't new. Whether you are looking to improve discovery, awareness, conversions, adoption, education, excitement, retention - video has been proven over and over again to outperform any other method.

Video is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan. It's central to all of your outreach and campaign efforts … whether it's part of your social strategy or help center.

If you aren't leveraging video, you're likely falling behind.

Quality matters. A lot.

Quality has the potential to change the perception viewers have of you, your brand, and your product. This applies to all audiences whether they are prospective users, customers, or investors. Poor quality video can hurt your business, even if you offer the most innovative products and services. It isn’t about what you’re selling, rather how you sell it.

Why use ScreenSpace?

They say you can only pick two: quality, fast or cheap. At ScreenSpace, our mission is to prove this theory wrong.

Quality. The ScreenSpace Engine is designed by industry artists and agencies using the same meticulous design process used for broadcast commercials and TV. Everything from the lighting & reflections to animation & rendering is scrutinized to perfection, guaranteeing that every video that comes out of our platform looks as if it came from a studio.

Time. Not only does our cloud-based render farm process 3D video content at speeds that rival some of the top creative agencies, the process of designing and building a video takes under 45 minutes compared to weeks working from scratch with an agency.

Cost. A freelance 3D artist starts at $500/day. A 30 second promo video takes, on average, three weeks to produce. That will quickly run you $7,500 working with a professional. With ScreenSpace, you can get the same quality video for under $200.

Simplicity. ScreenSpace is built so anyone can produce agency-grade content without any technical or creative experience. We have stripped out all complexities of video and 3D creation so even your product designers can produce videos that look like they came from a studio. And not only that – it's fun!

Scalability. With the combined cost & time savings, and the effortlessness of creating high-caliber content, you now have the ability to create high-quality, on-brand video at scale. This is a luxury that previously only large enterprises with in-house video teams could achieve.

Compare this with the alternatives and you will quickly see the value in our platform and services and how ScreenSpace can elevate your startup with the power of video.

You can start using ScreenSpace for free, within minutes, without requiring anyone else. Simply sign-up and to start your free trial.

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