We opened our launch video by match-cutting between multiple devices within one shot - a dynamic alternative to the traditional side-by-side view showing multiple devices at once. In this article we will explain how this was executed within 10 minutes.

The Process

This transition is achieved by cutting between two identical scenes, with the only difference between the two being the device and the screen asset. Camera movement, device movement, and environment must match exactly.

Step 1. Prep the Screen Captures

Start by creating each screen capture video (one for each device). The screen captures must run the full length of the shot, even though you will only use each device for a portion of the shot.

In other words, if you have a five second shot and device A is on screen for 3 seconds and device B is on screen for 2 seconds, each screen asset will need to run the full 5 second duration.

Step 2. Create the Template Scene

You will need to create the full length animation using one scene. This will be used as a template for the others.

Customize your scene look and begin animating the device and camera.

At the point of transition (I recommend this being when the device screen is facing away from camera during a 360 spin), simply switch your device and screen to the assets for the next device. Continue building your keyframes and repeat for the remaining devices in your shot.

Step 3. Duplicate Your Scene for Other Devices

You now have the full length animation. Reset your device and screen back to the starting setup and duplicate your scene for each device you will be transitioning to.

Step 4. Test the Transition

Exporting a preview video for each scene and manually cut between them at your transition points using an editor to double check that they blend correctly. Adjust if needed.

Step 5. Render Your Scenes

If everything looks good, set the Render In and Out time for each scene to match the section you intend to use for that specific device. [Coming Soon]

Go ahead and render all of your scenes and string them together for a seamless transition between your devices.

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