ScreenSpace allows you to build unlimited scenes as well as restricted collaboration tools when working with creative teams or outsourced artists. In order to accommodate these features, we built a tiered file browser and account system to allow you full control over your creations. Although the interface is very intuitive, it helps to understand why certain things are structured the way they are.


As the highest level of organization, each "workspace" contains a group of projects. Workspaces act similar to business accounts in that you can designated admins who have full access to all projects within that workspace (including billing). You can switch workspaces by clicking on your user icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


Your "projects" contain your scenes, media, and renders for a given project. Each project has two states: active or inactive.

An active project has an active subscription therefore allowing unlimited un-watermarked renders.

Inactive projects have inactive subscriptions and therefore are restricted to MP4 render previews and still images rendering (while inside the 7 day trial). Any video renders will be limited to 5 seconds and will be watermarked.

You may activate a project at any time with a monthly or annual payment plan.

Workspace admins may add collaborators to any project who have full scene-level access only and therefore do not have access to project settings or billing. Read this article to learn more about managing team roles.

You can create, archive, delete, and edit projects in the sidebar.


ScreenSpace is built around the concept of "scenes." Each scene contains the settings for a single clip including your chosen device, environment, animations, and link to your media. Scenes can be named, deleted, or duplicated.

If you have a single new app feature you want to highlight for a launch or support video, you probably only need one 5 second scene. Whereas if you're creating a promo video that shows off multiple features, you might want to splice together three to six scenes that are anywhere from 5 to 25 seconds.

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